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ELDO DIGITAL PTE. LTD. is a digital product and service provider serving the whole industry. Alongside Google, Facebook advertising campaign, ELDO DIGITAL provides the best digital content portfolio for traditional cross border companies and international digital organizations.

Together with our strategic partners, we help digital companies maximize their ROI. Depending on the clients’ goals, ELDO DIGITAL conducts in-depth mining of target markets and their users.

We strive to recommend more matching digital product combinations to meet the needs of our customers.

Our quality services are recognized and trusted by companies in various fields including e-commerce, entertainment and app development.

Our Mission

Provide users with quality content

Portals of leisure and entertainment designed to satisfy your tastes and needs. Our goal is to always give you much more than you expect with our own developments and constant updates.

We are specialists in the mobile entertainment sector, working so that you have a unique experience.

We design environments that are easy to use and understand all over the world, with a unique and exclusive design.

We always seek to provide the best service to our customers, with the highest quality content.

Cancel any service easily, when you want and without any commitment.

We provide multiple language options for each content website to meet your needs.


ELDO Digital provides not only the best advertising portfolio for traditional cross border companies but also entertaining and innovative contents. All our websites are available in different languages such as: English, French, German, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, etc.


Comics aren’t a niche subject that comparatively few love anymore. They’re huge. In 2008, when Iron Man was released, we doubt anyone outside Marvel could’ve predicted that the Average Joe would be familiar with the Guardians of the Galaxy soon after. But here we are, in an age where Black Panther is as loved as Spider-Man. You’ll see plenty of things you’d expect to find on a site dedicated to comics. Rorcomic keeps you updated on all the latest developments, trailers and clips, interviews, and rumors.

CutesJuicy Porn

cutesjuicy porn Video is a premium subscription service dedicated to become the best destination for porn videos, we have multiple categories for users to choose from and bring new FHD videos every day. Porn Video works on desktop, mobile, as well as tablet. Users can check out the hottest HD porn videos online and start enjoying unlimited high quality porn movies. Users will get access to Porn Video upon subscribing to this service.


High resolution, little ads, and quick update are among the reasons why fans choose it. You can watch HD series and no interrupting ad before the playing. You can always expect the latest episode after the official release. You can search anime by rate, genre or type and comment and score by other viewers are available on the introduction page.

Eldo Game

Eeldo Game is a premium subscription service dedicated to high quality mobile games. This service consists of multiple categories of online mobile games which including strategy, shooting, action, sports games, arcade, casual and puzzle games. For the subscription model, End user will receive a certain quantity of coins for each successful payment until end user has cancelled the subscription. End user needs to use 1 or 2 coins to purchase each game. Once he brought, he can play that game unlimited times.


Our goal is to satisfy your needs and likes, always giving much more than you expect, so we develop our own content and constantly update for you.

We have the best exclusive and personalized content by themes.


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We have a great global coverage in more than 22 countries in different continents.

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